Anti-racism Efforts

The Alexander Technique Center of Albuquerque recognizes the oppression inherent in Eurocentric culture and supports equality and justice for Black, Indigenous, people of color. As a member of the Alexander Technique community, which has historically been largely white and privileged, I commit to using the principles of the AT to increase my awareness and accountability for any unconscious habits perpetuating that oppression – personally, in my training course, and in my community. Toward that end I am partnering with the American Society of the Alexander Technique in providing teacher training under scholarship for people of color, in developing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Guidelines for AmSAT training courses, and in clarifying the training standards in relation to Alexander’s writings.

Note on F.M. Alexander’s writings: The books and articles of FM Alexander contain important first-hand accounts of his discoveries and the process that is the foundation of our work: consciously increasing awareness and skill around personal reaction and functioning. However, certain parts of these writings contain implied or overt ideas of racial hierarchy, stereotyped ideas about sex and gender, and false scientific and evolutionary theories. I wholly reject these wrong ideas and see them as completely unconnected to learning and practicing the Alexander Technique. I am also working with the American Society of the Alexander Technique to clarify and expand its disavowal of these portions of Alexander’s writings.